Libertarian candidates sound off on U.S. immigration policy

A single question was posed to the 3 Libertarian candidates for governor in the upcoming gubernatorial primary.

The question was “What is your position on the current immigration policy of the United States?”

Below are the answers that were received.

“We need to raise or better yet eliminate quotas for legal immigration. People coming for peaceful purpose will come through the door rather than sneaking through the desert. We can find and catch those with bad intentions by not trying to stop all migration.” — Chris Powell

“It’s crap. It has been for a century. Keep spending money keeping people out that they never should have been keeping out to begin with. Wasted billions of dollars fighting the people that feed and clothe us. People who have been living next door for decades. People who are just trying to live their lives. It’s wrong.” — Rex Lawhorn.

“It is abhorrent just as it has been for the last few decades.”  — Joe Maldonado,


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