Slavery: A Conversation

I was invited by a friend to participate in a recent conversation about slavery.  These were a couple of the main points made that I chose to address when I was asked to share my thoughts.

Why would a person “choose” to place a chain around another’s neck? The government and systems, built and managed by the people,  for the people, do this everyday by treating us all, as our American culture sadly treats children. They give us information that guides us in the direction they want us to go.

We have no right to think that we are obliged to make decisions for anyone other than ourselves.


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Potty Talk

Did all this bathroom nonsense start with a student? Was there a crime? I don’t think so. What came first? The bill to prevent LGBTs from using the potty of their choice or was it the LGBT push to create laws that “allow” it? Or to block potty policing bills?

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