There are some good points in this article by Jeffrey Tucker regarding the recent Mad Max movie – Fury Road. When I watch “post apocalyptic” movies such as this I roll my eyes at the vision: total lawlessness and chaos and violence. However, I remind myself that this is one person’s vision and imagination. I immensely enjoyed the imagery, the grittiness, the cars (which were all real as were most of the incredible car stunts). It was a fantastic joy ride.

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Abuse and killing by cops seems to be increasing or perhaps these incidents are just being exposed more thanks to technology. Here in Oklahoma we have had our share and the most recent incident involved a reserve sheriff’s deputy who shot a man. The reserve deputy claims he thought he grabbed his taser but instead he grabbed his gun “by mistake”, fired and then said, “I shot him! I’m sorry!”. Another officer was on top of the victim with his knee in the back of the victim’s head and while the victim pleaded that he couldn’t breathe, the officer responded with “F—k your breath”. The victim, Eric Harris, died from his injuries. This was a sting operation where the state agents set a man up to buy an “illegal” gun from him. The man ran, was apprehended and face down on the ground when he was shot. Read More.

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